Intel Macintosh

Have you guys been writing and testing TBS for the forthcoming Intel based Macintosh?

Just curious, as I tend to be an early adopter of new technologies…

Marc out

Hi Marc,

We have an Intel Mac in house for developing/testing and we are committed to support this new platform when it becomes available.

BTW, our products are running much faster on these new Mac Intel machines, I don’t know when Apple is planning to release officially this platform but it looks good for the Mac community.

Thank you,


I can’t wait myself… does the current version run natively or will it be an upgrade? If it is an upgrade, will you charge for it?

thanks again…

marc out

Hi Marc,

I would have to say the latest build of TBS is working natively without any major problems. If we have to provide a patch it will probably be free for TBS V3 users (like we did for V2.5 and Tiger).

We are committed to provide support for the most recent OS on our recent softwares (we won’t go too far backward. I dough V2.5 will be compatible with these machines).

But since I don’t know when these machines will be available and under what circumstances it will be release it’s hard for me to tell.

What I can tell you is that we usually provide free patches for updated OS so I don’t think there will be any problems.


1. how long do you have the intel mac already?
2. it’s tiger-only, right?
3. could you name the speed differences between ppc and intel mac?

Hi Gester,

1- About a month or so …
2- Yes, the Intel Mac comes with special version of Tiger compiled for the Intel processor. Retail versions of OS X for Power PC won’t work on an Intel based machine.
3- We tested our software on a Dual G5 1.8Ghz and on this new Intel single P4 3.6Ghz and it was running at about twice as fast.

The switch to Intel based computers is not only about performance but mostly power consumption. This is why you don’t see G5 notebooks and you never will. It requires to much power.

Anyone looking for more information on these little babies, visit this URL:

This is Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s keynote of the WWDC2005. (World Wide Developer Conference 2005).

He is talking about what is going on at Apple and also what is coming for the Mac platform. At about half of the movie he is explaining the transition to Intel Processors. Very interesting stuff !!!

Don’t worry, this video is not about geeky stuff but is mostly an overview of Apple’s technologies, products and future.


Hi Guys,

I just purchased our new iMac Intel 2.0Ghz etc.

I will start testing this week and have a result by next week.

We are definitely dedicated to release a universal binary version of TBS V3.0 for Intel Mac ASAP. Versions of TBS older then V3 will probably not be updated.

I’ll let you know.


As mathieu said they prolly wont be supporting v2.5 so i guess it wont run.


Wow thats good news then! Although wasent buying the Mac without knowing if v2.5 works a bit risky? :stuck_out_tongue: then again i guess you could always have upgraded to v3 if it hadent have worked.

Hi Sandi,

Do you mean emulated within Rosetta as that is very different from running nativly?

Thats good to know. I have been considering upgrading from my 15" PB 1.67Ghz to a Macbook Pro but until Adobe ship Photoshop with universal binaries, I am holding fire.