Intel HD graphics 4000


I would like to know if the 3D features are compatible with this card intel HD graphics 4000. Because i would like to buy the microsoft surface tablet which will have this card. I know that the HD graphics 3000 don’t work with the 3D features.We find the HD graphics 4000 in the macbook air also.


Sorry Tony that I am replying to your post but with no useful answer for you. I have a question concerning video cards too, so I would like to have Lilly’s attention.

Hi Lilly:
I just got my Animate Pro some days back and have put it to full test yesterday and today (will post the result later) However, I noticed that my computer stutters a lot. For instance when I activate a tool like the hand tool or zoom tool, it takes some pretty good seconds before it reacts.

I am on windows 7 with a ATI Radeon HD 6400 video card…drawing with a Cintiq 21UX 2010
I have had some minot issues with the same computer in thepast using Modo601 but then the n the Luxology guys sent me a patch, which I did not use because they released their service pack 2 some days afterwards.

Now in the case of Toon Boom, is there a particular video Card which is recommndhapens to come with the ATI card.
I would appreciate a fedback from you on that


Sorry I did not realize that I was posting in HARMONY page. Is it still alright or should I delete it/move it to Animate pro page. I guess I got carried away by the video card headline

It’s not supported for the whole software, actually. The thing is that we use OpenGL not only for 3D manipulation, but for everything from drawing to moving layers in space. Without having a supported graphics card, you won’t be able to draw efficiently.

I’d caution you against it for the moment. I have a MacBook Air, but I have the last generation of Air that actually came with an NVidia card in it. I can’t actually upgrade to the new Air because of this.

I think if we wait a few months, we will see many new devices come out, and some of these devices are bound to be shipped with an actual graphics card. I’m personally waiting to see what comes.