Integrating with Corel Painter


I want to do my line animation in Toon Boom, but then do the final rendering in Corel Painter. Are there any built-in integration or otherwise tips on how to best do it?


Are you working with multiple layers? Are you scanning in drawings or are you working paperless? Are you colouring in Pencil Check a little bit or is it just rough linework that you’re intending to output?

The only way that you’re going to be able to get images from Pencil Check to Painter is by outputting from Pencil Check as a series of bitmap images. You’d get this by going File > Export > Images.

It’s more complicated if you want to export with layers - PCP isn’t intended to do this, really. If you need to work with multiple layers and export layers then you should upgrade to Animate.

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Hi lilly, thanks for your reply.

I dont use layers or plan to do coloring in Animate. I just want to use animate for paperless animation and then “outsource” the rendering to Corel Painter. I wil be tracing the line drawing in painter to get the final drawing.

All of this is fine except I want to bring back the rendered drawings back into Animate and automatically replace the line drawings so that it syncs up with my exposure sheet, have make the final render in Animate.

Possible at all?


Are you using Animate or Pencil Check? We’re in the Pencil Check forums so I was under the impression that you were using Pencil Check - but are you just using Animate the whole time?

In any case, what you’d have to do in either case is export a series of images. Just save over the images in Corel however you want to do it on that side. Then, when you import back into Animate, there’s only one little bump in the road to be aware of. The exported images aren’t automatically created with leading zeros, so when you import them back in, they’ll come in the wrong order. For example:



What you need to do is either you can download a free file rename program that can rename the files for you (total commander is an example of such an app) or you can just import in sections. First, import 1-9, then, select cell 10 and import 10-99, then, if you have this many images, select frame 100 and import 100-999.

Hope that does the trick.

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