Integrated Help Questions


I learned about the Integrated Help feature while watching one of the Particle Tutorial videos from Toonboom:

The instructor goes over the function starting around 6 minutes in. In her demonstration, the Integrated Help window brings up images and tutorial information for whatever node or tool she selects, which is a great feature! The video is made with Harmony 10.

I’m currently working in Harmony 14 Premium and I’ve found the Integrated Help window but I cannot get it to function in the same way as seen in the tutorial. The Integrated Help window in Harmony 14 seems to only display limited information for certain menu items - I can’t get it to display information about tools and nodes. Is there a way to fix this so that it functions like it does in the tutorial video?

Notes and Questions:

  • I work in a studio environment where Harmony does NOT have access to the internet - Could this be the issue?

  • Is the Integrated Help feature linked to the Harmony 14 User Guide? If so, could we fix the problem by downloading the User Guide and storing it on our server?

  • Is the Integrated Help feature simply more limited in Harmony 14 for some reason?

Any insight is much appreciated!