Installing ToonBoom on a new computer

Hi there

Apologies if this is a ignorant question :slight_smile: but I am strongly considering purchasing Toon Boom Animate via the download option and my question is this;

When you purchase Toon Boom Animate, you purchase one licence which is automatically registered to your computer? I want to purchase Toon Boom Animate now, but I am also considering upgrading my computer in the not to distant future (6 months?)

When I get my new computer I would want to install Toon Boom Animate on that computer instead, I understand I have one license for one computer, but if I uninstall it from my old computer, and then re-install it on my new computer will it work? or will the license say that this is not the computer you registered the software with and therefore not allow the install?

Also when you purchase Toon Boom Animate via the download option does it allow you to make a back up?

Sorry if this is a stupid question!

Thanks for your time


Open the License Activation Wizard and deactivate “your License” on your old computer…
Then install “the Software” on your new computer and activate “your License” again…

Please have a look here, everything is explained in detail:

I guess, one is always allowed to make a backup copy…
Otherwise one can download the software at any time again…


Thank you Nolan, that has 100% answered my question.

Have a good day,


Is there a limit to the amount of times you can deactivate/activate the license…

I have a main computer which has animate installed on it, but i often travel and need to work from my laptop, could i deactivate the main computer and install and activate on the laptop when i am away from the studio and then switch back when i return.

Can i do this on a regular basis, or is there a limit? I would stil only be using one license at a time. I am used to using Flash which allows activation on 2 computers with the same registration.


Funny I was reading this yesterday and saying to myself, “who cares like I’m going to be jumping around and animating from computer to computer”.

Well today, I tried to turned my computer on only to learn that the power supply has gone bad!, and as you all may know when the power supply goes bad the computer does not turn on.

If the computer cannot turn on I cannot deactivate my license, so that I can activate it on my laptop, while I get my new power supply, in 3-4 grueling business days, (add 2-3 days due to the holiday)

there is unlimited activating/deactivating.

Had an email from the lovely people at toon boom. As TheRaider says, they confirmed that you can deactivate/ activate as often as you like… which is great news for me.
But Matador63 points out a problem there… I would imagine that an email to toon boom would result in them being able to deactivate it at their end, but that’s just a guess. Good luck

Luckily, I realized that I could just go to CompUsa and buy it and install it myself sameday. However, what would someone do if say there computer would be damaged to the point of no return, or say it was stolen.

What would someone do then inregards to deactivating the license? My guess would be to talk to the Toon Boom peeps and I am sure they would work something out.


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it would be nice if there was a option besides using the license wizard like, a online option to manage licenses trough the account where the license was purchased with…

People reading this old thread may be interested in knowing that you can activate the software on another computer without deactivating the license first but this can only be done a limited number of times. An example illustrating why this is necessary is when the computer die and you have no way to deactivate the software.

Once you use up the limited grace activations you will need to contact Toon Boom for assistance the next time around.

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I love to read informative posts and you are doing it exellently.
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