Installing TBS5 on OS X - directions are unclear

I thought that this would be simple. I’m a newbie to the Mac (just bought this computer yesterday) so I assumed that I was missing something obvious.

I connected to, logged in to “My Account,” navigated to the “Licensed Product Download” for TBS5, and downloaded the .DMG file. The Mac (a Mac Pro running OS X) downloads the file, verifies it and mounts it (whatever that means).

This brings up a TBS5 window that has very simple install instructions in a window "Drag the Toon Boom Studio 5 folder icon to this Applications folder to install Toon Boom Studio 5."

Those don’t match the install instructions in the PDF, which say to double click on the icon and drag into the Applications folder.

It took me almost half an hour to figure out that I was supposed to drag the icon in window to the link in the window.

Could you put some sort of note out there to state that clearly? If I’d been trying this out as a demo I certainly would have given up and gone to a different product.

There is a question here, after all. Does it matter who does the install? I have one user that is the administrator and another account that is for development and has no administrator rights. I did the install with the admin and activated with the other account. Is that going to cause problems?


Generally when installing software you should install with the administrator account. If you had tried to install without being an administrator, you may have gotten an ERROR-1 message.

Activating the software should also usually be done from an administrator account. If you try to do it from another account, it will prompt you for an administrative password.

Once the software is installed and activated, you can use it from any account. Since it sounds like you’ve got it activated already, you should be good to go.