Installing Storyboard on Mountain Lion

Hi, I’ve been using Storyboard on my Mac for more than a year now, bought a new mac and tried installing storyboard. Once the file is installed and asks me to register the product, I insert my product key and info and it crashes. What is going on?

I have Storyboard, not pro. thank for the reply, it was an issue with the printer. On another note, I’m using a Cintiq to draw; when I use my lasso tool to select, I usually want to rotate or skew my selection but it takes a while for the rotate symbol to appear (about 1 or 2 seconds) which can be annoying. This is weird since I don’t get that issue at all at Harmony, any tips on that?

Check out on the right side of the Features page, underneath the System Requirements, the note on Mountain Lion. This will give you the instructions on how to install on that system.

If you’re still having issues, then email for further assistance.


Oh and also if you’re on Storyboard, not Storyboard Pro, you need to have a printer installed. Follow the instructions from the knowlege base:

Do you have a printer configured on your machine?