Installed animate pro 2 on new Mac and it doesn't work.


I decided to purchase a new mac so I could render out my videos into quicktime for my client. He prefers quicktime for the higher video quality and he also uses mac for compositing my animation clips together. I used to use PC but apple stopped supporting quicktime for windows, so I was forced to delete it.

Now that I have installed Animate pro 2 my Mac it won’t start. It just bounces forever on the desktop. I don’t know what that means since I’m a PC guy and don’t know much about Macs.

I asked to support team here for help. Wei Huang told me that Animate pro 2 is older so it’s no longer supported by newer versions of mac…

This is a bit frustrating… I bought this mac for compositing and rendering and now it’s useless to me.

He told me to try these steps.

Please try to follow the instruction below to see if it will fix this issue.

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Switch to an administrator account (su admin).
  3. Change directory to /Applications (cd /Applications).
  4. Check which files have extended attributes (ls -lsa).
    Entries marked with “@” have extended attributes.
    Entries marked with “+” have ACLs.
  5. List the attributes (xattr -l filename).
  6. Remove the “” attribute if it is defined (xattr -d filename).
  7. Recheck the attributes.
  8. Rinse and repeat for all “downloaded applications” giving errors.
  9. Exit.

I have no clue what these names in the brackets mean… ls - lsa… etc… Anyone here know what it means?

He said if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to upgrade to Harmony… I can’t afford that now… Or use an older version of OS. I don’t know how to do that.

Also if I eventually am forced to upgrade to Harmony will it be compatable with my older animate pro 2 files?

Thanks for any help!


I am trying to remember the requirements of Animate Pro 2 and I think it was Mac OS 10.5 and for Windows it was Windows XP or Vista. That is a long time ago in terms of operating system updates for both platforms.

On the Mac we are currently at 10.11.5 and will have 10.12 (Sierra) debut in the fall. So, we have had 6 Mac OS updates and a 7th coming in the fall. You probably will have difficulty opening up those older Animate Pro 2 files in Harmony. A lot has changed.

You say you bought a new Mac, an iMac, or the cylindrical Mac Pro? Are you running El Capitan 10.11.5? If you had a slightly older Mac Pro I might be able to get you the installers for Mac OS 10.7.5. When I upgrade to each OS update, I usually save the installer and copy it to a USB flash drive. This would work with older Macs but the new Macs would probably have issues with it. And Animate Pro 2 might have trouble with 10.7.5 regardless.

Toon Boom has made Harmony more affordable so I would consider going that route.

If this is to be a dedicated system for old software I would try is to install Snow Leopard and see if your hardware, the older OS and Animate 2 get along.

Snow Leopard $20

Update it to 10.6.8, the highest update before Mavericks.

Chances are trying it is going to be the quickest way to find out while also being the plan that requires the least knowledge.

If this doesn’t work out you can reinstall the current OS by downloading it off the Apple website.

Hey scungyho,

I got a brand new iMac with the 4k retina screen. It’s OS X El Capitan version 10.11.5. I have animate pro 2 on my PC and I’m using windows 7. It works fine on my PC. Just, I can’t render or import sound anymore because of the quicktime drama. Which really sucks when I have to scrub dialog.

I’m going to have to talk to my boss. He helped me buy this iMac for rendering scenes and now I’ll have to tell him I need Harmony. Just hope the files are compatible…

Thank you for your advice and insight! I really appreciate it!

Unfortunately it’s a brand new system. So I don’t know if older software will work on it.

Thank for your advice. I’ll look into snow-leopard and see if it might work for me.

The toon boom support staff did a remote connect and got it working.

Thanks for all the help guys!