Installation Problems

I recently upgraded to Toon Boom Studio 4. The installation went fine. But when I double click on the desktop icon, nothing happens. I have reinstalled, but the same thing happens. Any ideas as to what my problem is?


Make sure that you are using an administrator account when you install Toon Boom Studio v4.0 and you might also want to try to launch Toon Boom Studio directly from the Application folder instead of the shortcut.

Let me know if there is any progress,



I have tried to launch from the .exe file in the programs folder. The result is the same.

How do I get into the Administrator account for installation. I am using Window XP. It is something I have never done before.


Hi Shanty,

Thought you were on Mac so this might not be relevant.

Are you running on a machine which is setup in a foreign language (other then unicode English)?

Something else you might want to check is your Task Manager as you launch Toon Boom Studio. If you see a TBS.exe in the list of process or if you see Toon Boom in the application list let us know.

You can also check in your machine administrative tools (in the control panel) then check the Event list for application error and if you see some related to Toon Boom Studio let us know.

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