Installation on Linux (For a small studio)

Hello everyone,

We are a small animation studio based in New Delhi. We use Toon Boom Harmony as an integral part of our pipeline, for animated contents. We have been using windows 10 as the OS for all the computers in our studio. And we want to switch to Linux. But we are concerned about how difficult it would be for us install Toon Boom Harmony on Linux systems.

Does Toon Boom Harmony supports Linux natively?

The choice to switch to Linux systems is simple, we are a small studio and the cost of OS licensing is too much, and windows 10 has its own share of problems that causes enough headaches for us from time to time. For Toon Boom Harmony, we make sure we have all the licenses, but we want to switch to Linux infrastructure, right from the server up to the individual systems.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


It is quite hard to work on Linux compared to the Windows, and I have suffered a lot from the installation issue on it. But visiting the <a href=””> HP Australia Support , it provides me some tricks that helped me a lot to use the Linux in an easy way and now I am quite habituated on this Linux platform on my laptop.