Installation key issues: number of fields do not match

I upgraded to version 3 of Animate. I received a key that has seems to have 18 digits, but the dialog box for license wizard only allows 15 digits. I tried both dropping first 3 and last 3 digits of my key to see if they work. Neither seemed to work. That is, the key has six 3-digit groups of number separated by dashes, but the licensing wizard box seems to only have 5 fields.

Any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong with the activation key?


Hi, There,
The license you have is the upgrade license, which you should put it in the location below:
You need to open License Wizard then choose
Activate License/ Internet Activation/ Upgrade License
Then put your upgrade code.
You can find the License Wizard from:
Win /Start/ All Programs/Toon Boom Animation/ Toon Boom Animate 3/License Tools
Mac /Applications/ Toon Boom Animate 3/License Tools