Installation CD doesn't work

I have a brand new iMac running OSX 10.4.8, and the installation CD for Studio 3.5 academic will not load. My mac keeps spitting out the disc like it’s day old lutefisk. I just updated the firmware, and I installed Corel Painter yesterday with no problem. Is there some esoteric reason this isn’t working, or could I be looking at a faulty disc?


I’ve installed TBS v.3.5 on my Intel iMac running OSX 10.4.8 with no difficulty. That said, and in light of the fact that you just installed Painter successfully, I would guess that you have a faulty disc.

Someone posted further down the list re: problems installing an academic version, but he was able to at least run through the installation process up to the point of entering his license number but could go no further. He contacted his vendor and they gave him a new license number which worked. But again, you can’t even begin the process because your Mac doesn’t seem to be able to read the disc. I would interpret that as a faulty disc.

The only other long shot is: does the academic version come with both Mac and Windows formats on the same disc? The regular version includes both, but at the academic price could it be possible they just give you one format? If it is the Mac version then again, the disc must be faulty.


Hi lhsimm,

One thing I would suggest you to do is to subscribe your software on the website through the member section and try to download the application instead of loading it from your disk.

If you experience the same behavior then the one from the disk make sure to let us know and we will see to it. If it install fine then this is a disk problem and we will ship you a new one. Simply send us a mail at

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