Install Harmony 16?

I have a rental copy of Harmony 16 from work, not realizing the copy I had at home was Harmony 17. I have the license for Harmony 16 on my machine but I’m not able to run it because I don’t have the Harmony 16 software. I can’t run 17 because the license I had from school is expired. Any help?

You say you “have a rental copy from work”…that is stating you have the software…so this is confusing.

Generally speaking, a valid/active license is tied to a Toon Boom account where the coinciding version of software to the license resides for download or subscription access.

In my case I have a perpetual license that has been upgraded several times. The number changes with each upgrade. Each version of the software remains available to me in my account.

If you are authorized to use your employer’s license at your home you must have received their login information as well. The software at the employer location would also have to be deactivated while you had it activated at your home.