instalation problem

hi i purchased toonboom studio 4.5 in december, i had it on my vista 64 bit laptop.every thing was fine till it got infected and i had to clear out almost all my files.i got that fixed but bbbbbbooooooyyyyyy did i freak!so i/im trying to instal it on my windows pc 2002 i think,but when i instal it and open it, it loads with no picture and stops. then i delete my file and go to recycling bin and remove it.(also when i check my uninstal/reinstal program in control panel its not there its not saving to my hard drive?) so i reinstal it but when i do, i go to browser in the instation box and select my hard drive,then i go and open it and it says sucesfully instaled(still isnt in my programs in control panel) and 5 seconds later it says error please instal quicktime,i do but i reinstalled it tried it and it works but toonboom cant read it.ive tried everything and when i go to unistal it at its short cut it doesnt do anything. and when i try to open it and it gives me my quicktime error and crashes my internet till i restart it. please help. Darius.