Inserting Still Image Files? & Viewing all Frames?

Hi there I’m new to the forums and have been working with Toonboom in school for a while but also in my free time. In school I use Mac’s but I recently got this software for my home computer which is a PC.

I don’t know why or how but in the Mac version I can insert a .mov file and draw over it a tactic I call screen drawing. I’ve never tried inserting a still image and drawing over it or even if that’s possible.

But to make things short there are two problems I have with my toon boom.

The first one is, when I insert/important a Jpg/Png file it shows me it but won’t let me draw over it not even if I had a sector, if I add a new sector it won’t show the image but I can draw again. Plus when I go to the startup page I can’t open a Png file to work with.

The second problem I have is, when I’m working on a certain frame let’s just say “head” for this example. When I click to a frame called “Neck” I can no longer see the “head” frame even though the box is checked and there for I don’t know where to start or end the neck so I end up working in one frame all of the time.

Hi Zack, did you every figure out how to fix your problem? I am new to ToonBoom and was hoping to draw over a Pic as well and animate myself as a character.

I don’t understand what you mean by a “sector” but here is the rough workflow…

Import your bitmap reference images to an image element column. Create a drawing element column which you will use to draw/trace the imported image. Next turn on the “Auto Light Table” so that you can draw in your drawing element and still see your reference bitmap image underneath.

The other thing is that you should not place the different body parts in different frames of the same element. If you are doing puppet-style animation, each body part has its own element column. You place different versions of the body part on different frames of the same element when creating the master rig template for the character.