Inserting frames

Is there any easier way to insert frames other than dragging the red bar out?

I only ask cause I wrote a script to do and I am trying to figure if it useful ;D


Well you could use the “Add Frame After Selection”, “Add Frame At End”, “Add Frame At Start” or “Add Frame Before Selection” shortcut. All of those will push he playback range of your scene (if that is indeed what you where implying by dragging the reb bar).

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thanks exactly what I meant.

I know why I couldn’t find it, it is in the scene menu when I expected it in the insert menu.

Back to the drawing board for some useful simple scripts :slight_smile:

kind of on the same topic—

is there a way to sync a timeline? for example say I have a symbol on a layer and it has gotten all out of sync from messing with it is there a way to quickly select and re-sync that drawing/symbol layer?


You could use the drawing substitution to bring to the needed drawing. Otherwise you could drop a fresh version of the symbol on top of the original. It really depend what you have in your scene and how exactly the sync is off.