Inserting blank cell, but keyframes not shifting

Hi there,

I have been wanting to alter the middle section of this looped charecter sequence… When her legs land, I want to add an additional 2 exposures across the entire character rig - that is fine, using “X” to insert blank cells…

But what i have noticed is that the keyframes across the entire rig do not budge up with the cells - they remain on the cell that is newly inserted.

Is there a way of “globally” inserting a cell, which moves all cells and keyframes up by 1. Or, if not, is there a way of nudging keyframes up by 1 after inserting blank cells?

Here’s the clip - don’t worry, your jobs are safe - i’m not the next adam phillips.


After insert the cells you can first collapse the caracter rig and then, select the keyframe in the timeline and simply drag it to the new frame position in timeline. If you need hold the pose for a time lapse make Ctrl+click in the keyframe an drag it to duplicate. Hope that works for you. Regards.


Thanks as always guys - a great help!

Similarly to what Yoryo said, if you collapse the whole character rig to its master peg then use your Insert Blank Keyframe shortcut, it should insert it on all layers.