inserting additional exposures in TB 4.0

I’m a new ToonBoom Studio 4.0 user, coming to it from years of experience with Flash. I’m in tune with the traditional cell-based animation orientation of ToonBoom, however, there are a lot of little user interface things that I’m looking for (but haven’t found) that I would have expected to see in ToonBoom. For instance, I’m working on a 10-min long animated cartoon. It has a number of characters that each have dialog, as well as background music. I imported the dialog files first, and after setting up the basic camera moves, imported the background music. The problem is that there’s an intro section of the music, which I’ve set up for a long camera dolly in. I didn’t allot enough space up front for the dolly in, before getting to the dialog. What I can’t find is a way to extend frames at the front of the animation and have it slide what I’ve already done over, so the dialog starts at the right point. Seems as though there should be a command that works like “extend exposures” but would instead “insert time” or “insert exposures,” where you could simply select a range of frames click on the command, and insert the number of frames selected at the first insertion point.

So…I have I missed something here, or is this just a case of me having to go back and essentially start over?

Thanks for your help!

- Brad

There are actually many ways to address this. I’ll tell you what I believe to be the easiest way. Go to your time line and select a track. Double click on the track to select all its frames as a group and drag them down the time line to reposition the entire range of frames. If you do this for all your sound tracks first to get the timing you want then you can drag your visual tracks accordingly to sync up. -JK

Is there a way (other than clicking on a frame, holding down shift and clicking on another frame) to select a range of frames, as opposed to an entire track? - BK