Inner Warrior Studios: A Collaborative Animation Community

Hey everyone!

Inner Warrior Studios is an independent animation studio start-up run by college students that is trying to change the way animation is done and the way animators get treated and paid.

As an indie animator, we know how difficult it is to create an original series that will garner a large audience and provide profit to the animator as well. We know that parodies are basically the only thing we can make that will get a lot of views, but they aren’t going to get us an income.

Our solution is to have animators collaborate on an original story that looks into a much more grounded world of superheroes with relatable powerless yet powerful, in inner strength and willpower, characters.

As we will all be animating the show together, we will all be put into a profit pool on an episode by episode basis. Our company will seek sponsorship opportunities, syndication opportunities, and DVD sales of which the animators will gain 30%.

We hope you join us and the other passionate animators that are trying to not only get their work out there, but also gain money while doing so. We will eventually work other animated shows into our platform to accommodate other genres and styles!

You can begin the collaboration process by signing up, for a free community account, at our website: and then heading over to the collaboration page!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Tara S.
Chief Brand Officer
Inner Warrior