Inner glow/shadow effect in animate pro 2?

i’m trying to create an inner shadow sort of effect that will follow the edges of an undershirt. the undershirt is an upside-down teardrop shape layer, on top of another layer. i want the undershirt shape to have a shadow applied within it’s border. if i apply a glow and invert it in the properties for the effect, it just affects the entire scene, which i guess is the expected behavior in animate. flash works as i would expect – applies the glow inside and leaves the rest of the scene alone. i just want it to apply the effect so that the falloff moves toward the center of the object, rather than outside of the border.

i’m already using the (excellent) dynamic outline template effect downloaded from the toonboom site, which is doing a fine job of handling all the other shadow effects in the character. i don’t think that’s quite the solution for this, though.


figured it out, thanks! (replaced shadow module w/ matte blur module in similar config to the template i mentioned above).