inking hand drawn images

HI I’d like to know when your finished drawing a frame on paper what is a good tool to use to ink the drawing and do you ink over that drawing or to you trace the drawing with a new sheet of paper to get a fine line because when I scan in my hand drawn images in TB they are all grainey looking

There are several alternatives you can try. (1) use a harder degree of lead for your clean ups. Softer leads like 3B - 6B will scan more grainey looking than a harder lead like a 2B or an HB. Also different brands of pencils have different lead densitys so choosing a more dense lead that lays down a darker line helps. Look for something like “Hi-density” in the lead description. Normal pencil leads actually leave tiny light holes when scanned and that adds to their grainey look. (2) Clean up using a harder “red” like a Color-Erase pencil (red scans very black). (3) for the cleanest scan do your clean up in “ink” using either a dip pen or a hard tipped ink pen like a “Sharpie”. Clean ups work best if done on a light table on a clean sheet of paper above your rough drawing.

We prefer scanning in the roughs and doing our clean ups in TBS using the brush tool in a seperate element using the auto light table feature. It is all about what you get comfortable doing. -JK

:smiley: thank you soooooooooooooo much i’ve been trying to find out how to do that for so long thanks again.

You are most welcomed. Glad to be of some small assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask other questions as everyone benefits from these discussions. -JK