Initial Deformation set up: help needed.

Ok, I draw a shape, say a free hand oblong. I select the drawing and then select the deformation tree to be above the drawing. I then add a bone plugin and then add a curve plugin. I choose tools and drag the “C” to create a curve. I seem to generate endless curves attached to bones.

Despite following the tutorials I do not have clue…about how to set it and use it…

The only Deformation tools I can sort of use are Bend, Wave, and some of the bone variations and offset.

I have produced some interesting, animated over time, deformations but my control of things is haphazard and a lot of work has to be dumped.

Can anyone here explain how I set use the “Curve” plugin to animate a drawing over time? As if you were teaching an idiot: which I fear I am.

I’m a tad dyslectic and tend to not see the obvious.

I need some basic advice. That is how to say use an *.AI file frome the Library and deform it over time…help? :slight_smile: Learning the CURVE would be useful.

Have you checked out the video tutorials found here?

I’ve only just begun watching these but they should be helpful in answering your questions, Peter.

From what you said in your first paragraph it seems you are just dragging and dropping and then attaching the bone or curve module via the network. You have to select the drawing that you want to add the deformation to in the timeline and then select the rigging and setup tools so you can drag the control points for the type of deformer you want to use. Once you finish setting the points you exit the rigging and setup tools and begin the keyframe the deformer itself with the animate/transform tool.

My mistake was confusing the Deformation* rig, for being a different kind of peg and therefore thinking that I had to attach a curve to the drawing* when I needed to select curve or bone to use at the top of the rig Deformation* rather than the drawing*.

As I posted I go word blind when reading manuals: it’s all there but I could not see it until not.

But that now means I have more control: though if you saw what I do you’d not alway know! ;D

Thanks for the help

Definitely check out the video tutorials. The easiest way to do this is just select your drawing. Then select your Rig tool, and Setup Mode from your deformation toolbar.

Now click and drag a small handle on one side of the drawing, then click and drag the handle on the other side of the drawing. This should create a curve. A simple click creates a bone, and a click and drag creates a curve.

If you then need to edit the position of the handles, then you can switch to your Transform tool (still in Setup mode). Adjust the handles.

Now select your deform group and select “Copy Resting Position to Current” button in your deform toolbar. Untoggle the Setup mode button. Voila! Try to use your transform tool to animate the drawing.

Hope this helps!