Increasing size on peg box


is it possible to increase the size of the yellow peg box (the handles for transforming and rotating and so on) after rigging the character for cutout?

Right now I have a character which is imported as psd in layers. I’m perfectly able to animate this, except that the yellow peg box is so huge that I can’t reach the corners of it without zooming out a lot.

I’m guessing the problem has to do with how much I’ve cropped it in photoshop before importing it into toon boom?

I have tried importing the character as separate cropped layers as png files, and then the yellow box is placed close around the elements. The problem then is that I have to rebuild the character, which is a bit of a hassle, and risky when it comes to being accurate in placing the elements.

I hope this was understandable. Help is much appreaciated!

I am also new to Toon Boom and have just run into the same problem myself. Since I couldn’t find any help about this, I have struggled for half a day, until I figured it out:

  1. You have to Vectorize the PSD when importing, retaining the bitmap texture (if you can animate it, I guess you did that already).
  2. Take the selection tool and select all the drawings (not the layers, but the drawings that you see on the Camera view. Now go to Menu - Drawing>Optimize>Remove Extra Strokes. This will enable you to select the drawings easy.
  3. Select each drawing with the same selection tool and copy paste it to a new layer (or create a symbol out of it - whatever you prefer).

Voila - now your selection rectangle is bound to the drawing itself.