Increase mouse area of object rotation


It’s a bit hard to explain. Select an object and it becomes orange. You can now skew, scale and rotate it. To rotate it, you hover your pen to one of the corners of the selected object. However, there is only around 1 milimeter from Rotate-activation-cursor to Resize-activation-cursor. Hence, it’s easy to accidentally resize an object instead of rotating it.

Try Adobe Animate CC, and see what I mean. Select a shape, press Q for free transform and see how much more space there is between the Rotate-activation-cursor to Resize-activation-cursor.

Please adjust this.

Thanks in adance

While this feature is looked at, does anyone know if I can rotate an object using keyboard shortcuts? Could not find any…

Something you might find helpful when you need to rotate objects is changing a setting in Preferences that displays a handle by which to rotate with.

You can display a rotation handle on the bounding box when transforming a layer. In the Preferences dialog box, select the Camera tab and then select the Use Rotation Lever with Transformation Tools option. This preference is off by default.

Preferences => Camera => Tools => Check the box to activate “Use Rotation Lever with Transformation Tools

Thanks :slight_smile: