Inconsistent Rendering of Drop Shadow Effect


Still haven’t figured out my problem with the z-space affecting x and y space, so if anyone knows the answer, please let me know.

I am having a new problem now, with the Drop Shadow effect. The first few times I rendered my cartoon, the shadow on the walking cut-out character looked perfect, with uniform opacity throughout; however, the last few times I have rendered it, the shadow has come out all patchy, as though it has been attached not to the whole character, but to each body part separately. The shadow gets darker where/whenever body parts overlap, like there are multiple shadows overlapping one another. If I play it, or scrub through with the slider within Toon Boom, it looks perfect, but for some reason when I render it to Quicktime, it gets all patchy.

I cannot understand this. I have not changed anything here, or if I have I don’t know what; plus if I had inadvertently changed something, it stands to reason the shadow would look patchy in Toon Boom as well. I thought it might be a computer problem and shut down and rebooted, but no luck. The next rendering came out the same - with the splotchy shadow.

Anyone else experience this or know how to deal with it?



Hi, can you send us your project at ?

We will see if the problem is with the project and if we can find a way to fix it.


Okay, yes, thanks. I will send the project.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it for me.



There is an issue with the export of the drop shadow when the shadow is behind a drawing that has transparency.

If there is an object with full transparency in front of the shadow, its exposure could be removed for those frames and the “patchyness” will be less visible.