Inconsistent behavior when overlapping bone influence zones

ToonBoom Studio 8.1

If I create a bone chain, then move the bones in that chain, the distortion of lines within the influence zones are smoothed.

If I create several bones, then parent the bones using the bones using the bone parenting tool into a chain, there is a distinct break in the image distortion when the bones are moved.

To illustrate, draw a long rectangle and fill it with a color.
Select the add bone tool and add two bones that cover the first 2/3s of the rectangle.
Hold SHIFT and create a third bone that covers the last 1/3 of the rectangle.
Select the Bone Parent tool and parent the third bone to the second.
Change the Influence property for all three bones to ‘elliptical’
Select bone manipulator and rotate all three bones 90 degrees to form a Z shape.
Notice that the bend between bones 1 & 2 is MUCH cleaner than between 2 and 3.

I seems that if I want the bone distortion to be smooth, the bones MUST be created in a continuous chain though bone creator. Is there any way to get smoothed out distortion when parenting after the fact?



It would be nicer to have a look at the example but there is a way to avoid overlapping influence by offsetting part for example arms and leg of the characters from sample library (Li-Lee). The drawback is more separate bone you have set up, more calculation is required and will demands on more hardware resources.

The issue is that I DO want the influence zones to overlap, but I want the overlapping distortions smoothed.

When the bones are created in a continuous chain, this happens. (first joint in repro above)

When you create them separately and parent them after the fact, it doesn’t. (second joint in repro above)