Inbetweening then cleaning up roughs

Hi there,

This may be stating the obvious but I’ve recently been doing a whole bunch of traditional drawn frame by frame inbetweens and have came up with a good technique when needing to do roughs.

Basically I create a light blue colour with 50% alpha.
Create an empty drawing for the inbetween. Rough out your drawings being as messy and loose as necessary.
Then select the correct line colour and clean up on top of your drawn rough on the same layer.
When finished, “Protect” the correct line colour in the palette window.

Then choose the Unpaint button and the blue pencil rough disappears leaving your clean drawing all without having to create another layer for your roughs.

Brilliant! Thanks for that Lilly ;D

There’s also another option for Drawing > Select Strokes With Current Colour (Ctrl+Shift+A) that could be useful here. There’s no need to protect the colour in this case, simply select the semi-transparent blue colour then Select Strokes With Current Colour and delete.

But both ways work. :wink: