In which country do you live?

I am curious where everybody is from.

I’m from the Netherlands.

Sydney Australia here ;D

St Lucia…its a small dot in the Caribbean :D.


Stockholm, Sweden!

Not producing much right now, but trying to learn!


Östersund, Sweden.
Trying to learn as much as possible. Mostly producing banners in swf-format.

Seoul! :slight_smile:


The North West of England.


i live and work in Ireland. but originally from Sudan.



Born in the Minnesota, currently residing in Texas, USA. From 1974 - 2009 I lived outside of the US: Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico.


Boring old Florida USA, originally from NY.

Norfolk UK

Lima, PERU!!!

Wow, this is a REAL global forum.

Cool! Of course I’m in Montreal, Quebec, but I’m often on the road! Thanks everyone for participating!