In The Park Clip Art & Saving

Hello All,

I’ve loaded “In The Park” clip art for my son into the library and everything seems great. He’s working away and when he hits save he gets an error message that reads something like “In The Park, not a valid…” (sorry, I’m doing this from a 4 day old memory). I couldn’t get TBSE to save or close without removing “In The Park” from the global library.

I’m running TBSE v2.5 on a imac v 10.4.3 OS.

Any hints? Thanks in advance


isn’t he running the older version of the software?

Our luck, when it was purchased for him for Christmas, v2.5 was the version. “In The Park” was picked up at the same time. Very shortly after, Express went to v3.0 which put me in a tailspin. I figured a) I’ll upgrade to a full version of Studio if he likes it and b) the clip art which they sold me should work with it. If you think I have a valid complaint, let me know, I’d appriciate it.

Sorry if I posted this twice, I forgot if I hit Post.