In need of mentor

I’m a beginner using Animate Pro 3. I am going to be a senior at a waldorf school and need to do a senior project by Spring of 2014. There’s a requirement that I need to be mentored. I plan to make a film adaption of a story I wrote about my classmates. I need to meet regularly with my mentor but can do so by Skype and email. I don’t really have money to hire someone, but would be happy to do an exchange: I’m good with voice characterizations and impersonations. I would also be willing to send a copy of the final cut of the film for your résumé as a mentor.

Hello, I’m wondering if you might get results by posting this to one of the General Forums? At present, your post is likely being seen only by people asking ToonBoom for features to be added to the Animate Pro software.
Best wishes-

Have You found a mentor yet?
If not what time zone are You in?

You should check out Animation Word Network ( ), they have a database over animation studios worldwide: Maybe You can find a company in Your part of the world. Skype and mail are great but they can’t beat the inspiration You get from visiting a studio.

I made a little movie my self, as my senior project. I wish You all the best.

Sincerely Yours
Kaspar Christophersen