In need of help / training

I’m a new user of Toon Boom Studio and would appreciate any help with learning this program.

I need to get up to speed as quickly as possible, so any advice, tutorials, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have prior experience with other animation software? How about traditional animation on paper? From my experience, I learned the most from the User Guide (available from within the software, as well as from the web site under Support → Documentation). There are also free tutorials and tips in the Resources and Community Video Tutorials sections of the website. I also found some useful demos and tutorials on YouTube.

For animation references and advice from the pros, there are many websites out there. Personally, I have learned a thing or two from AnimationIsland and AngryAnimator.

To see things from a beginner’s viewpoint, you can check out my ‘logs’ at where I share my learning experiences, experiments, and exercises. As a disclaimer, though, I’m just getting started and have a great deal to learn, so the contents are NOT professional advice.

Toon Boom Studio Tutorial - Cartoon Animation Made Simple