in between frames

I am trying to do a simple line drawing animation of a person’s face talking and can’t figure out how to get Toon Boon Studio 8.1 to auto fill in the drawings between the key frames. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Thanks

Studio does motion interpolation but not animation interpolation.

You will see interpolation of parts in motion as they move positions, like a static paper doll arm or leg swinging or an object flying across the screen, but you will not see them interpolated changing shape that is not done using the Transform Tool.

Hi o0Ampy0o
what program do I have to get to be able to do animation interpolation? I am only trying to do a couple of very short and simple animations so am not wanting to spend tons of $. Is there a Toon Boon upgrade that might be affordable? Thanks

Hi Greg,

Since you already have a copy of Toon Boom Studio, you should try animating the talking character/face using the Lip Sync technique:|Chapter%2014%3A%20Sound%20and%20Lip-sync|_____8

Yes TheCubiclite has a good point. I believe that I misunderstood your request in the first place. Toon Boom Studio has an auto lip sync feature. The different mouth positions are abruptly swapped rather than smoothly blended in motion but it looks good anyway because your mind fills in the gaps. I had thought you were specifically wanting the smoothly blended motion of mouth movement and were not happy with the results of auto lip sync.

Here are a few videos covering lip sync in various versions of Studio. They should be close enough to gain some insights into the version you are using.

Part 1
Part 2

Studio 7 (same teacher as the next video)

Studio 8 (same teacher as the previous)