Improving TV quality

The final DVD looks pretty bad and I need suggestions. Here’s what I do:
TB 12 fps at 720x480
Export to quicktime
Import to Premiere
Export to DVD as 720x480 and 29.97 fps
It gets Animation Compression leaving TB but otherwise no compression along the way.

The lines are wavy and the camera movements are choppy. I assume the choppiness would improve with higher fps but the waviness?

Hi E,

Be aware that a TV plays animation at 29.97 fps for NTSC or 24 fps for PAL (mostly Europe). If you do not have a proper framerate to start with you will get choppy animation for the DVD encoding will need to cope for the lack of frames to fit the proper framerate of the DVD. As for the wavy lines you may simply want to try with no compressor and see if you get better results (compressor set to None).

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Just fixed the problem. Downloaded Sony’s DVD Architect for free and got perfect results. Besides being unstable, Premiere gave me garbled video and lots of audio problems. I recommend people stay away from it and go with Sony.

But according to my knowledge its better to go for video con . At present video con is having higher and better performance than sony.