Improve render time

This is probably a silly question, will increasing my RAM (Presently 20 G) to 30G make any difference in regard to rendering time?
I am running on an older Mac Pro and love the new 16. I am making more complicated animation now and the render time is increasing.
I am hoping a RAM upgrade will at least reduce that … any thoughts? :slight_smile:

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As o0Ampy0o mention the rending is heavier in CPU can you please confirm you MacPro specs?

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“An older Mac Pro” as in what specs?

The CPU has most control over rendering the final animation.

You are speaking of rendering the final video and not the work-in-process, correct?

Sorry for the late reply Edgar,

I have “pimped” my old 5.1 mac pro from a quad core to a dual 6 now and it runs H17 great :slight_smile: