Imports from Animate Pro 2 to Harmony

I’m looking at upgrading from Animate Pro 2 to Harmony and have a few questions.
1) Why can’t you or is it possible to move a project from Animate Pro 2 to Harmony. A quick look at the data directories and they look quite similar. Is there something going on under the “hood” that prevents this from working? I would think a lot of people are in this same boat.
2) Is it possible to move templates that have been installed in Animate Pro 2 to Harmony? Here, the application directories do look a bit different. If I knew where Harmony stored the templates can I just drag and drop my Animate Pro 2 templates to the Harmony directories?

My references to Harmony are for Harmony Standalone BTW.

UPDATE: Ok, I figured out how to move templates but it is, IMHO, a real misstep by TB if there is no way to migrate a project from AP to Harmony. You appear to be really wanting people to migrate up. How can they possibly consider this if they have to completely redo every project. I don’t understand.

I have a few more questions. I was told that in Harmony Stand alone you can’t run the Paint, Scan, XSheet & Control Center apps separate but these apps are built into the Stage and run from there. Where? I do not see them anywhere nor do I find any info in the documentation on how starting these apps from the stage on stand alone mode?

I agree with you totally- Luckily I don’t have many animate projects to move but apparently you have to send them to toonboom and they upgrade them for you.

Personally i’m a little concerned for the lack of support of Harmony i’ve found since i’ve moved, as the software is quite expensive, and they make you kind of feel like your’e on your own unless your’e a big studio.

As for the paint. scan, xsheet, etc, they all run in stage. Stage acts like the Animate Pro interface.

How do you start paint or xsheet from the stage? Yes, the interface appears almost exactly like Animate Pro but I look at the windows Menu and else where and I don’t see how to start the other app. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks BTW.

You only use those programs in a harmony network, from what I understand. If you’re working in standalone (offline mode) you don’t even need those programs.

Paint is just the area where you draw- xsheet is the xsheet tab.

Hope this helps!

Ah, ok. Well I was not sure. Their videos shows the Paint and Scan programs as if they do something unique and special. If the same functionality is built in thats fine.

It’s a powerful program but some things like the lack of import from their own suite of tools is more than a bit bothersome.

Thanks again.

When you migrate from Animate Pro to Harmony, you can send all your project files to Toon Boom for conversion.

The others are correct, the individual scan, paint, xsheet, etc. modules are used only in Database mode. All the functionality from these other applications is built directly into the Stage module, so you will only use Stage when working in Offline mode.