Importing with previous Color Palette

I am working in animating some characters, and I´ve saved quite a few of them as Templates,
I imported a template into a new scene, and duplicated the color palette and used the new one to change some of the colors.
When I import one of the templates I have on my library, it updates to the new colors of the new duplicated palette instead of keeping the original colors.

Is there a way to assign color to specific templates?

I hope im being Clear!

Unfortunatley the only way is to repaint your character with new colours. The colour palette will always be linked to the template until you do this.

How about opening these templates in an empty project and changing its assigned colored palette there before importing it into the large work-in-process project so you could apply and save a different palette to the template so it is updated and safe to import into the other?

You would export the refined color palette from the large project and import it to the empty project after each template was opened there then apply it to each template in the empty project where it would finally be saved as an updated template.

If this worked you would avoid having tediously repaint and instead would only need to update the color palette in a safe environment.

Sorry for the convoluted description.


you can have sevral palettes for the same colours. This allows you to have colour sets for e.g. day and nigt scenes and to swatch between these palttes easily by putting the one you want to use on top of the palette stack.

The real problem you’ll run in is when you’ll have the two characters in the same scene as both will refernce to that same top level palette.

You can have a look to this feature request dealing with that topic.

If you’re new to pelattes you’ll probably like this tutorial by Tracy Strong which explains pretty well how to treat the palette ‘diva’. :slight_smile: