Importing video.

Hey, so I am trying to import a video into toon boom animate 2, and draw animation on top of the video on a new layer, but when i play the video, the audio is playing at a different rate than the video. The video is going slower.

any advice?

In general, replaying the animation from the timeline will always be demanding on any system.
The more complex your animation, the slower the playback might be.
Plenty of RAM and a fast hard-drive (SSD) might be helpful.

Make only those layers visible that are essential for playback.
Should you use MP3, try uncompressed WAV or AIFF.

Otherwise use manual sound-scrubbing in the timeline.

I began doing the same sort of project last week and encountered the same problem. The issue was that my video was being captured at something like 15 fps which made the timing all screwy when importing to TB at 24 fps.

If you’re using QuickTime to record webcam video on OSX like I was, you can’t change the default frame rate. I found this software called Debut ( ) that allows you to set whatever fps you wish.

HOWEVER- I’m now finding that TB crashes whenever I try to import the .mov I created with Debut while QT .mov’s import fine. So I’m not sure if there’s some problem with the way it creates video. That’s why I’m browsing this forum right now. I’ll report back if I find anything!

MaxJohnsonink, you need to make sure that your video’s frame rate matches your Animate project’s frame rate.

As a test, I just tried importing a short video to Animate and the sound and images were out of sync. I checked the video data and found the frame rate to be 6.91 fps, so I exported it from Quicktime Pro to create a new version at 24 fps and imported to Animate and it played perfectly.

Interestingly, the audio track imported the same each time . . . it’s the images that vary according to the fps settings.

Pixeltender, I would think that it’s probably just some settings you need to tweak in Debut Video. To troubleshoot, I would try extracting the soundtrack and importing the video and audio separately to see if that helps. If one imports but not the other it will help you pinpoint the issue.

BTW, does your Debut video open in QT? If you have QuickTime Pro you could try opening it and exporting as “Movie to QuickTime Movie” and click on the Options button to play around with different settings for both audio and video to see what works for Animate.