Importing Video Into Toon Boom??

Can I import video into toonboom? I want to add cartoon over real life (like the roger rabbit movie). Can I do that with Toon Boom Studio or do I need to upgrade?

Well, go to File / Import Files / choose your movie…
Then create a Drawing Layer above your movie layer and start drawing…

I guess, it’s well known, how “Richard Williams” the Animation Director of
“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” combined live action with hand drawn animation…


my quicktime files do not show up as recognizeable files when I do that. What video files does toon boom recognize?

As far as I know, TBS (at least version 5) can import: any QuickTime .movie /
.avi / .mpg / .m4v / file…

What kind of Quicktime codec are you using…?
What version of QuickTime did you use…?


I´m having the same problem. Using TBS 4.0 and it can´t import a .mov file.
Using Quick time player version 10.0

Well, you might use an unsupported codec…?

Try this:
Export your .movie file as image-sequence (PNG, PSD. TGA etc.)
(e.g. QuickTime 7 can do this)

Then import those sequence into Studio’s Image-Element…


Shouldn´t QuickTime 10 also be able to export to .png? Or are they takin away features in newer QuickTimes? Cause I can´t find out how to convert it…

Thanks a lot for your help Nolan. However, I´ve now encountered another problem.
I used QuickTime 7 to slice up the movie to 24 fps and I used 24 fps in TBS when creating the movie but when I exported it and tried to match the sound I noticed that the movie was playing in a slower speed than the original.

Any idea how to fix this?

please outline the exact workflow you followed as it is unclear to me which export is the correct speed and which one seems too slow
best, debbie

First I used QuickTime to record and then slice up a movie to 24fps (.png)
I talked in the movie so I also have an audio file.

Then I imported the .png-files into a TBS-projekt with a Frame-rate of 24fps.

Then I drew some cartoons working with the ‘real’ movie.

After that I exported the movie to a .mov-file

Now when I want to sync the audio to this (the audio is still the correct speed)
the movie-clip is much to slow (longer than the audio-clip) As if I used a frame-rate that was less than 24fps

Hope this was clear enough and pardon my lousy english :slight_smile:

I did it all last week on a job and luckily everythng went well. Today its a different story.
1920x1080 @24fps.
Quicktime: Video Reference 960 x 540 @ 23.98 3.49MB file

File/import File/ Select file/open
ToonBoom Studio v6 loads up file hit 50% mark and switches back down to
6% and stays there, frozen.

Last week, no problem loading, This week = the above problem.

Can you help me?
Thank you, Jim

It is possible that your computer resources are being taxed by the demand of handling that file. You can verify in your system tools to see how much resource is being used. Check if there are other programs using up your computer.

If your video is already complete but you need to bring it back into TBS to continue adding to it, you should probably break up your video into smaller sizes prior. Make sure to make sufficient back ups of any important digital media.

i combine videos another way as i’ve always found TBS to be a bit hit and miss doing this. using sony vegas or something similar i put the two videos on separate tracks in sync and then use masks/chroma-key to remove unwanted details.
if you animate using a simple monochrome background in TBS it’s quite simple to chroma-key it out in vegas.


Hi, Im using toonboom studio 6 and Im having the worst time ever dealing with imported videos. Im not having much issue with the initial import, but the weirdest thing happens when I save the project I imported to: it creates copies of every single frame of the imported video as individual files that I have no use for. This literally ate up gigabytes of space on my harddrive today in class and I was unable to get anything productive accomplish because I was dealing with this. My question is this: Is there a way to keep this from happening? I looked in the toonboom preferences but there was nothing there regarding to save files or really anything useful period. Please help.

Ive done this, but every single time I press Ok, it never actually imports it and just leaves it. if I do image and sound, they work fine, but the actual video is just not doing anything


I also can’t import videos in .avi, when it opens the toon boom screen goes blank with all the frames. What should i do ?

Best regards!!