Importing Video into Toom Boom Studio 7.1 Build 7.1.18189

I have a lot of trouble with this
I have a Canon 650D or t4i as its called here in North America
It produces movies in *.mov format, quicktime
I can import them fine, but Toom Boom is unstable, especially if the movie is too long .It crashs without warning especially as I move elements around.’
I do a lot of rotoscoping so only need a drawing element, the movie and camera view .I dont need sound

If I cut the movie down in Premier Pro, and then export it in one of the 3 formats
• QuickTime movies (.mov)
• iPod movie format (.mv4)
• Audio Video Interleave (.avi)

The import usually doesn’t work

So I am left with importing the original movie, which is big , therefore Toom Boom Studio seems unstable .

I have Dell i7 , with 8 gig RAM, which has a 1 gig Video card Nvidia Geforce GT525M , using Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit

Work arounds ? or suggestions ?

I have attached a screen shot of resource usuage, when I changed the elements and tried to delete the sound element, which I dont need, generated gigs of *.tga files


You should contact support for this. It may be due to the codec you’re using in Premiere.

The reason that your movies might be “unstable” could be that you are running out of RAM in your TBS project. At best, a 32-bit program can use 1.6GB of system RAM on Windows. Perhaps if you export the movie from Premiere without audio, you can shave some size off.

Some of my instability problems are related to the graphics card, I tried starting TB using the integrated graphics mode in Windows 7, then deleting cells, which previously caused TB to crash.No Problem.
Now I just need help resolving the out of RAM problem , ie smaller files if I can
get them in Premiere Pro . I exported a movie , no sound, only about 100 frames and it didn’t show, maybe it is the codec within Premiere Pro, there is many, many choices there, some one must know here the best codec to use to get a movie imported into TB.

Just FYI, the footage shot by the camera is in a compressed (likely mp4) format in a quicktime wrapper. To display each frame, or group of frames, it must be uncompressed by your computer first. Perhaps this is causing your instability.

You may have more success if you transcode it into an uncompressed format, in your case an uncompressed avi will be your best bet, a tga sequence (if toon boom supports- i dont know I just got it) even better - as those are the PC’s native formats. (tiff for macs)