Importing video into TBS 4.5

I’m using Toon Boom Studio 4.5
When I import my .avi files - I just get a whole bunch of WHITE frames only
as for .mpg I get errors.

I recall some years ago - I was able to import videos, what seems to be the problem now?

Sometimes when wanting to import video into earlier versions of TBS the easiest way is to first save the video as a sequence of images and then just import that sequence into TBS. I normally save videos as sequences of PNGs. -JK

How would I go about doing that?

What I do is convert files to .mov using Steamclip (free). Pops right in.

To make any video into a jpg sequence, (or png if you need transparency / alpha channel) you need to use a video converter. Like mentioned above - Streamclip is free. You can also do it in any video editing software - Premier is a great Adobe product, After Effects gives you the best quality images.

I think iMovie exports as an image sequence, but I don’t know of any PC equivalent.

If you know / have Flash you could do it in a really round about way. Import the vid into flash, and then export from there as an image sequence. Then import the image sequence back into TB.

The first thing I would do is check your player - what do you use to watch the video on your desktop? Maybe that can export as an image sequence. An ‘avi’ file usually indicates a good muscled editing program - where did you get the avi? Maybe that will do the trick.

Hope this helps!


TB Studio 4.5
iMac 10.5.8