importing video for rotoscoping

Hi, I was trying to import a video to toonboom and use it as a guide to create an animation, but I can’t import quicktime, then, I tried to make it a swf in flash mx 2004, then import it to toonboom, but it won’t reconize the file, what other option or trick do I have?, can I import a sequence of stills?

Speaking from a Mac perspective (though this probably goes for PC, too), export from Quicktime (may need Pro) as a sequence of stills and then import all the files into TBS at once into an Image element. Then do your roto in a drawing element through the light table.

Other option is bypassing TBS altogether (also speaking from Mac-land and requiring Photoshop or PS Elements or any program which can read filmstrip files) with a freeware program called Cheap-O-Scope. It has been crash prone for me, but I can usually get it to work eventually (you only need it twice in the process). It outputs a single file that is all of the frames as one long “picture” (the filmstrip file). You can work in PS using layers, etc., to do your roto and then save and recompile to a movie with Cheap-O-Scope.


I convert the video into a TGA image sequence with QTPro and import these into a TBoom image element.

How do you import the image seqence of stills into a image element? I cant find any “batch import” command or “select all” command. I have all of the image sequence stills in a folderon my desktop. I control click on image element to open the menu but all i see is an “import images” command…no batch import and if i click on import images…a regular import window opens…if I select the folder …the “open” button is greyed out and if I select image #1… the rest of the sequence is not imported leaving me to import them one at a time. I assume there must be a way to import the whole sequence but cant find any info on this in FAQ or the “online help”. Thanks for any advice.

Use the Exposure Sheet to import a sequence of images:

1- create an image element;
2- Right click and select import => from file
3- Select all images and click import;