Importing Vectors in Trial?

I’m the animation director of a television series that’s about to move into development of our second season. Our first season was animated primarily in AfterEffects thanks largely in-part to it’s ability to parent, nest, and write expressions for character rigs that were more dynamic than what’s presently available in Flash. I’ve been told that given the look of our show we might be better suited switching to ToonBoom Harmony for the majority of our animation, and so I’ve downloaded a trail of the Advanced version and am using online tutorials to find my way around the program to see if it’s indeed a better fit than our current pipeline.

So far I’m VERY impressed with many of your deformation tools, and while I haven’t touched the scripting stuff yet, I have a feeling those will be just what I need. The biggest drawback that I’ve found however is the inability to import vector files from outside resources. I’ve read online that SWF and AI files are supported, however whenever I try to import either of the formats I’m unable to due to the fact that they’re greyed out. Is this just a limitation because I’m using a trial, or are these files indeed not supported? Because of it’s major role in the process of our workflow it’s a feature I would like to make sure works before insisting that it becomes the new studio standard, so if there’s a setting I’m missing or any other suggestions available on how I might be able to import vector file types, I would be most appreciative!


Maybe you already did this but you import vector files through the library.
Ai -files are supported but you need to save them in cs or cs 2 to be able to get every seperate object into a an individual layer.