Importing V3.5 library to V4.0

Ok …I finally upgraded to 4.0. I can’t seem to get the old library from V3.5 imported to 4.0.

I did this successfully the last 2 upgrades, but this time when I import the library one of the issues I have is when I view the library in the “thumbnails” view is too small to view. Also if I create a new catolog, draw someting in TBS and drag it into that catalog its also too small. What gives?

Finally why is it that when you create a new catalog in the gobal library file TBS prevents you from deleting it?

I used to know this …but all this time away from TBS and tinkering with Flash has drained my knowledge.

why are the thubnail view of library content so small? Is there some sort of settings in V4.0 to make them bigger?

Ok the bigger I draw the object on the drawing canvas and then drag it into the library … the bigger it appears in the thumbneail view.
But not until I draw the object as big as the entire drawing canvas is it big enough to be visible enough in the thumbnail view.

Never had this issue in V3.5, so I’m wondering if there is some sort of settings in 4.0 I’m not aware of.

Right now when I draw a face for example (and I ususally draw my objects large) and drag it in the library, its too small to tell what it is. So if I have several mouths in the libary when I’m ready to use it I have to guess which one I want to use …because I can’t see it using the thumbnails view.

Hi Tiger,

I think the difference between v3.5 and v4.0 thumbnail view is that in v4.0 you now see the element at the ratio of the actual resolution (basically at the camera framing) were in 3.5 a crop was done around the element. I will see if we can have this on toggle for future version.

Concerning the catalog I am not quite sure what you are encountering, I did manage to open a new catalog in the global library and delete it afterward. Maybe I am missing something there.



I did a search on the site to see if this was already address anywhere …didn’t see anything. But I’m surprised this hasn’t come up before as an issue.

Whats the work around for this in 4.0 ?

Please let me know because for the next few months or so I plan to use the library heavily, all I do is create characters and build body parts and poses for them. If I can’t tell what the part is until I drag on my exposure sheet, thats a problem when you have for example a library with 15 or 20 different mouth position.


For the moment there is nothing automatic though you could always add an extra master peg above the drawing and scale that peg to have it fit your camera view.

When you import the mouth back in the scene simply remove the peg above and your should recover the element original size.

Hope this will help.



To be honest I hve no need for V4.0 now and only decide to upgrade because I wanted to keep up.

I plan to spend the next few months designing characters …trying different combinations, trying to see if there is a more efficient way to construct the character etc. …and so the library use is critical for me now.

If I save what I’ve done in V4.0 in the library, can I go back to V3.5 and import the V4.0 library? I think I already see where the TBS file is not back ward compatible.

Also …will this be a patch for V4.0 or will I have to wait for ensuing upgrade (V4.5 etc)?


I added a feature examination for this though can’t say yet if it will make it for a patch or the next release. As for the library if you made the templates in v4.0 you can’t go back to 3.5. Although as long as you don’t open all of your v3.5 templates in v4.0 and save them you should still be able to recover then in 3.5




Because I havn’t done that much yet I’m going to go back to V3.5. I’ll redo what I’ve done so far in V4.0, but I think this should be a patch ASAP!!

I’m not sure how most people work, but I tend to do a combination of the old frame-by frame methodology (which TBS was set up to mimic) along with utilizing some of time saving features. To that end I use the library extensively, and have it open constantly in my work area. I need to quickly find stuff in the library and the thumbnail view facilitate this.

Please try to push this fix through for the next patch. This way I can always upgrade when the patch is implemented.