Importing trouble, help requested

Im working with Toon boom studio 4.5 for the Mac, and I was having some trouble with importing my animations to other computers. Actually I don’t see any import option available in the drop down window of file or edit. Im working on an animation with a partner, and we have to figure out how to trade the animation back and forth between computers, so that we can work on individual parts. If any one could help us it would be very appreciated, thank you.

Hi, if you are both using TBS 4.5 just transfer the project folder back and forth.
If one of you has a higher version of TBS, the projects can be transferred up.

Please post your results.

Hi, thanks for the help, I think I see what you mean by moving the folder. When I bring it up though it has two formats tbp and tbpd does it matter which one I hand over to my partner? and also does the higher versions of toon boom have an import option?

Hi. You’re welcome. It is not enough to give either of those files you mentioned; you need to compress the entire project folder because it contains other needed data. If you project is named Blue_Skies for example, that is what you need to send.

Hope this helps. Best, Debbie

Hello to every one, thanks for your answers but I am still having trouble. I am a visual learner so usually unless I have a good description of what I need to do, I will instead seek out a video or something (no luck though). The problem I have is that I do not know how to import and I don’t know how to make scenes. Like I said before I am working with a partner on an animation for a contest of some sort. We have multiple parts we want to work on individually then put together into one master file. To do this, what would we need to do. For example we are making an animation where a guy stands up, jumps, and sits down. If I were to make the standing up and sitting down parts, and my partner made the jump, how would I piece that all together in to one file (if we were working on separate computers). What I did to share the file between us was save it on to a usb and give it to him to work on as well, but this seems useless since I cant get what he does in to my animation, and vice versa. I am also comparing toonboom to flash, since flash can divide an animation into scenes just by inserting them, how can I do that in toonboom? I am sorry if my questions are overwhelming but it is hard to find specific tutorials for programs like toonboom which are still relatively new. Im hoping some experts on the forums can help me or lead me in the right direction, because I really enjoy animating and I don’t want to be stuck up on minor details.

I am using toomboom studio 4.5

There is a Scene Manager option in Toon Boom Studio. Please have a look at the description in your F1 Help Guide and post any questions you may have.
Also, if you have a chance, please look at the Library feature’s description in the guide as that may be a good option for you to save animation sequences and then share them back and forth, allowing you to insert segments into your scene(s) as needed.