importing transparent image

hello!i’m new to toonboom.well i like it very much.and the drawing tool is great too…but i just like to draw with pen rather than start right in i was trying to import the scanned pic to tb,but the problem is that it’s jpg and with white how can i import a pic let say a head into tb with transparent background??thanskssss very much for the help! :wink:


When you import make sure to import your image inside a drawing element (do not use the file import of image element, make sure to create a drawing then right click in a cell of that drawing from the exposure sheet to do Import and Vectorize>From Files…). Basically when you import an image inside a drawing element it is possible to vectorize it so it recovers only the black pen stroke as vectors and delete the white from the drawing.



You could also import the original drawing as a PNG. I don’t know if you have Photoshop or not, but if you erase the background and save it as a PNG it will preserve the transparency when you import it. But I would recommend tracing over it in a new element. With my experiences, the PNGs don’t render very well when I export. But that might not be the same case for you.