Importing Traditional/ drawn boards for live action

Hey I just got storyboard Pro to help me on a live action project boarding but I am finding this program to be inconsistent and clunky.What I need to do is import my inked boards into SBP and output them as a PDF with dialog, action notes, scene and frame numbers. But I have some frames that are full page or two panels and some that have camera direction/ arrows that extend outside of the frame. I’m finding the user manual useless and tec support hasn’t gotten back to me yet (though it’s not been too long yet). Anyone out there using SBP this way? Or did I just waste a bunch of money?Also is there anyway to change the panel thickness, color and opacity? Plus the arrows with the red and green frames are about as ugly as they could make them can I show my drawn frames and just nix the panels in the PDF?Thanks!Jacob

Hi Jakob,

Have you gotten a response from tech support yet? They should respond to all inquiries within 24 hours M-F.

First of all, you say that you have some frames that are full page or two panels. Do you mean before you scan them? This should be fine, you would still scan them in the same way, and then add a camera movement. Are you using Storyboard Pro 2? If so then the way that you add a camera move is by clicking on the camera button. Then, in the tool properties, you can add a keyframe at the beginning of the current panel, at the end of the current panel, or at the current frame (check out the Timeline view to get your playhead slider to see the frames).

When you output to PDF, there are various options that you can adjust to change the way that your export looks. If you’re using Storyboard 2, then there’s a PDF View Workspace. From here, you can click on several panels to use as preview panels to get the adjustments right on your PDF, so you don’t have to export the whole thing each time. Then, in the PDF export tab, you can choose one of the preset profiles or you can create your own. Then click on Edit to edit the options for that profile.

If you want for camera moves to show up as larger than a regular frame, then you want to go to the Storyboard tab, and under that the Panels tab. Click on “Expand Panels” and “Maximize Panel Height”.

You can also select individual panels and set them to take up a whole page in the PDF if you want. With the panel selected, go to your Panel PDF Options window (bottom right window if you’re still in the PDF View Workspace). Then click on the checkbox for “Full Page”.

You can indeed turn off the frame around the panels in the PDF. You would find this option in Storyboard tab, Panels tab, Frame Panel Image.

I don’t believe you can turn off the red and green boxes around the camera, though I will double-check on this one. The red and green shows the start and end position of the camera.

Hope this helps.