Importing ToonBoom Studio files into animate pro 2 ??

So, after working on a project in Toon Boom studio, i wanted to switch to animate pro 2 as i’Ve hear that it is just the same but more professional and with more options.

Now the shock:

I can’t load toon-boom-studio files into animate-pro-2 !!

Is there any way to do this?

And if no, WHY NOT??

it’s nearly the same software, from the same company!

(Take a look on adobe: 20+ programs, and nearly all of them know at least somehow to load psd. files…)

While you can’t directly import Toon Boom Studio files into Animate Pro (different software branch from Animate/Harmony), you may however render the project and import the resulting bitmap sequence into Animate.

I too am a Studio user. I was under the impression that I could cross grade into Animate with no problems but was told the same thing. I put a lot of hours into my project only to find out that I cant stay with the same company and make it better. That SUCKS!!!

how to do it or point to a source that explains it ?


These forums could be a learning resource if answers went beyond yes, no or maybe.

Below is the response that I got from a Tech support rep. I removed his name to keep him anonymous. I don’t under stand the meaning of the term “cross-grade” that they use when advertising Animate to Studio users. Its misleading.

Dear Demarcus Hill,

This is in reference with your Request Ticket Number: CT00005268.

Hello Demarcus,

You are right. You cannot import a Toon Boom Studio project into Animate, Animate Pro or Harmony.
I will make sure to forward your comment about the misleading advertisement to the right person.

Now, I am a bit puzzled about the information you got regarding a “complex way of importing the project”.
To my knowledge, there is simply no way to do this.

Did you got this information from Toon Boom ?

Please, let me know.

Best regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

To Export: Menu-File-Export Movie…

For the export format select “Image Sequence”
This will create a series of bitmap files.

To import these into Animate Pro 2:
Menu-File-Import Images
In the import window, navigate to the location you exported the image from TBS to, and shift-select the numbered sequence of image files.

Cross-grade means that you can upgrade from one application license to the next. For instance you can cross-grade a current license of ToonBoom Studio to Animate Pro…instead of paying full cost of license for Animate Pro. One could do this rather than “upgrade” to a newer version of the same application. For instance Studio 6 to Studio 7 would be an upgrade; not a cross-grade.

You can export as SWF . This means you will still have the vector image which you can edit just like in studio. If you have lots of layers then I would export each layer as individual SWF movies and then import them as separate layer into animate. This works for hand drawn artwork / frame by frame animation.

Hi, I’m in the same fix as you; surprised to find TBS is a dead-end. What I plan to do is export my character layers individually as PDF. This will preserve your character’s vector information, so they can be reassembled in Animate Pro or Harmony.

I’d assumed TBS was a feature-disabled version of the higher-end programs, and that the workflow I was learning would serve me upon my eventual upgrade. Watching the tutorials, I see that this is largely untrue. Bones are implemented differently and control of elements is wholly different.

Alienating one’s biggest group of potential Animate Pro customers by inferring an upgrade structure exists is an odd business practice, to say the least.

I feel your pain. I have decided to buy Animate in order to get my project done. I just wish that I hadn’t wasted my money and time on Studio.

To Export files (elements) as PDF: select the frame you’d like to output. It must be a vector image, not bitmapped.

Select File>Export drawing to PDF. Navigate and save as per your workflow.

Re-create your project within Animate Pro with your vector elements.