Importing Than animating the image??

I have a png file which I imported through animate pro and have no clue how to animate it.

I have watched the tutorial videos thru and thru and still am at a lost.

I have included a drop box link to the image which i am trying to import and then ultimately animate.

Steps I take to import then work with image.

1. Click import image.

2. find file and add to import window

3. check the vectorize box

4. I have create single layer checked.

5. click on colour for the type of vectorizing.

6. I then import and it loads just fine.

When i try and cut up the image it does not allow me to cut it.

I am viewing it in the camera view. I have OPEN GL view checked and in LINE ART and not able to play with it.

Thank you for your help.

Toon Boom Studio is a vector-based animating software. It has the tools to manipulate and edit Toon Boom Vector images. If you import as bitmap you should cut-up your character using a bitmap editing software such as Photoshop. The other alternative is to import and vectorize your image which will create an image with vector borders and bitmap fill.

Since a cut-out character requires some overlapping parts, it is likely easier to do this in a bitmap editing software, and then import the body parts.