importing templates doesn't work

Trying to import into the global template folder in the template browser window according to the instructions given on page 2 of the super heroes pdf.

Can’t seem to import them If I try to import the character folder it doesn’t work as it doesn’t recognize the .tbt files

If I try to drag a single .tbt file over into the global folder it won’t allow that.

How specifically do I get the super heroes .tbt files into the global folder?


Well, first unzip the “” /

Start Toon Boom Studio / Open the Library-Tab / Right click the Global folder and create a few Catalogs, maybe naming them accordingly like the “Superheroes_Templates”
(Overlays, Characters…etc.).

Select one of your new created catalogs (of course one can use already created one’s)
Right-click in the Library-main-window (the one at the right) /
Import / Import Template File / navigate to the first template folder / shift-click all templates,
and import…

Proceed to the next catalog and folder…


I came to the forum looking for the same answer. What I just stumbled upon is that right-clicking in the empty area where you want the templates to show up gives you the option to import templates.

1. With the library tab active, click on Global.
2. (optional) Right-click > New Catalog, then type name. This helps keep the imported templates organized.
3. In the white region to the right of the library listing Right-click > Import > Import Template File…

I spent quite a bit of time looking for pulldown menu options to import templates, but it looks like right-clicking in the library tab is the only way to do this.

Yeah a common mistake. I had the same problem and the blank area to the right was the key. The Tutorials should add something about that in there with a revision. Wasted a few hours looking up an answer before I stumbled upon it by accident.

Please take advantage of reading the tutorials and articles provided on the Cartooning in Toon Boom blog. They are very detailed and specific in exposing tips and tricks about using the software. I wrote them to save fellow users hours of struggling and they are there for anyone’s benefit at absolutely no charge. All that is required is taking the time to read them and then to ask questions here in the forums if things are still not clear. -JK