Importing template files from 3.5

When I try to import template files that were created with TBS 3.5, I never get a “green plus” to indicate that I can actually do it. Fortunately I remembered that normal Toon Boom projects from 3.5 can be opened in in 4.0, so I created a new 3.5 project, imported the templates I needed, saved the project, opened the project in 4.0 and finally exported the layers to new templates.

This is pretty cumbersome, as you can tell. Is there a better way to do this? Are the 3.5 templates truly incompatible with TBS 4.0?

No, they are compatible. I’m not sure what you are doing, Will. If you open the library panel in TBS V4 and in the pane that shows the catalog list, you right click and select open library. Then navigate to your desired library such as v3.5 Global and open that library. You can then drag and drop from the catalogs in that library into catalogs in your V4.0. When you finish dragging and dropping all the template you need, just close the V3.5 library you opened and then save your V4.0 project or just the V4.0 global library as desired. I do this all the time with no issues. -JK

Ok, I wasn’t going from catalog to catalog. I will try that, thank you.

I feel like I’m doing the exact same thing that I was before, but now it’s working. I can’t be certain though. Either way, the question’s been answered. Thank you JK!